iPad Pro 2020 With Lidar And New Magic Keyboard

Ever Since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPad in 2010, the dream for millions of people is to ditch their laptops and desktop PCs. We put that dream to the back of our minds… until now.

The new iPad Pro has a revolutionary case aptly titled “The New Magic Keyboard”. It has a sloping design which acts as a gentle nod to the iMac. There are no telco straps, or fiddly cases needed. Simply place the back of the 2020 iPad Pro onto the magnetic side of the case, and it snaps on in less than a second. You can then set the angle which suits you best. Therefore, whether you are watching a movie, or touching up that presentation, the iPad Pro is all you need.

Apple hasn’t changed the design of the iPad Pro much, besides adding some advanced camera technology, which we will get to later.

Trackpad on an iPad?

iPad Pro trackpad

One of the issues, ‘hardcore’ users had with previous iPads is that it could never fully replace one’s entire workstation. It was widely viewed as a consumption device. For serious work, you would need to crack the laptop open. However, with the addition of the trackpad, and more developers bringing popular desktop apps to the iPad, could this be the device to rule them all?

4K video editing? Check.

Eight core CPU? Check.

Neural Engine? Check.

Apple has pushed to try and create a next-generation workstation – except this one weighs less than a small bag of rice.

Apple Pro Motion display


One of the most amazing things about picking up an iPad Pro is how the bezels seem to melt away. You can enjoy entertainment and work in ways you never thought possible. Despite advertising a battery life of 10 hours, you can expect to get a lot more out of it. Apple’s iPad batteries have never disappointed.

Notably, being able to edit 4K video and develop games would have been unheard of just a few years ago. Music producers are now able to create chart-topping hits on a device lighter than some hardback notebooks. Workers can quickly switch between apps. And when it is time for some rest, you can enjoy a game-changing display which is so detailed that it gives the illusion of being larger.

4K Video editing on an iPad

You can now record 4K video using the 12 MP back camera. If you want to capture even more, simply switch to the 10MP Ultra-Wide camera. Some people might think it looks weird to use the iPad as a camera; however, from past experiences, it has been incredibly enjoyable. You can edit images to a professional level and quickly upload to social media. The more you use iPad Pro, the smaller it feels.

In the past, audio quality wasn’t the best in iPads. In the 2020 iPad Pro, Apple included five studio-quality microphones. Therefore, you are now able to capture clean, professional-quality audio. Consequently, you can leave the external microphone at home.

LiDAR Scanner


The feature I am most excited about is the LiDAR scanner. It uses the same technology found in autonomous cars to measure distances and 3D space accurately. This enables a level of AR interaction we are yet to see from any mobile device. Plus, it uses AI to understand the objects in a scene. Therefore, you can redecorate your room and add virtual interactions with an almost sci-fi level of accuracy.


Apple is very serious about having iPad Pro replace your laptop. Therefore, you will struggle to find a peripheral which doesn’t work with the iPad. You can extend storage using thumb drives, external hard disks and even connect a desktop hard drives. Professional microphones, gaming controllers and external displays work with iPad OS 13.x.

I believe that in a few years we would find it strange to carry a laptop everywhere. The impact of the iPad reverberates across the tech industry. The trend is for brands to make more ultraportable devices. For instance, Microsoft’s Surface Book brings a powerful Windows desktop experience to a tablet.


To fully enjoy the iPad Pro 2020 model, one must get the Magic Keyboard. However, this will bump up the price to 4 figure territory even if you get the cheapest model. You can offset this by trading in your current iPad. In my opinion, for iPad Pro to gain mass adoption, the price needs to come down by around £200. One can get a good Android tablet and a laptop for the price of one iPad Pro.

Final thoughts

To conclude, Apple has taken a massive step towards creating a decoy to replace your laptop. However, they will need to port more powerful software to iOS. I predict that we will soon see Apple created the Mac Catalyst program to enable developers to move their desktop apps to iPad seamlessly. With iPad Pro being more powerful than most laptops, the incentive for developers is strong. An increasing number of iPad apps are getting ported to Mac OS.

I predict that within the next few years, you will see Apple announce a unified OS. It would allow for seamless continuity across iPad, iPhone and Mac.

What do you think of the 2020 iPad Pro? Is there an additional feature you would have liked to see. Let us know in the comments section below.

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